Uganda Scenery

Uganda scenery is one of the most beautiful in Africa. Uganda scenery is truly magnificent.

Uganda SceneryThe sight of interlocking hills, evergreen vegetation, mountain ranges, crater lakes, plain lands, ridges and escarpments, thick forests mesmerising sun sets, and savannah grasslands all combined make the visit to Uganda a more refreshing adventure.

Uganda lies on the equator and has the finest weather in the world with sunny and rainy seasons, which makes it a perfect destination all year around.

Uganda Scenery

The fact that you can find snow caped mountains in tropical Africa makes Uganda’s scenery truly unique.

The beauty about Uganda scenery is that you meet wonders of nature everywhere from the moment you step in this magnificent country.

Uganda offers an amazing bio-diversity that embraces breathe taking tracts of thorn-bush savannah, lush expanses of tropical rainforest, lakes, rivers and water falls with aquatic life and some of Africas tallest mountains. Uganda is a classic adventure tourism destination and after the safari- believe me you will leave with a memorable experience to last you a life time! Read more about the beautiful Uganda Scenery..

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